Smart Manufacturing and Automation:

Smart Manufacturing is envisioned as the future of manufacturing. As we see, Manufacturing stands on the edge of a new industrial revolution. While the last revolution was powered by machinery and fossil fuels, this one is driven by unprecedented access to data and advances in technology. If a business wants to survive in future it has to be reorganised with new models to reduce the time-to-market of new products, as well as the time necessary to respond to the initiatives of their competitors.  Smart Manufacturing and Automation means utilizing the power of digitisation to help manufacturers reduce capex, improve time to market, reduce inventory and improve productivity.
Industrial automation is used across a wide spectrum of sectors. Human labor comes with an inherent margin of error and, while machines are not fail-proof, they are less prone to make mistakes. Smart Manufacturing and Automation can get more done, in less time – and more precisely. More and more customers are requesting personalised and customised products to meet the needs of their particular markets. Therefore, manufacturers need to be able to meet these demands without losing money – while still adhering to strict quality and safety standards. Industrial automation enables manufacturers in a host of ways. Ultimately, it paves the way for higher quality products that push the boundaries – the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Some of the advantages of Smart Manufacturing and Automation:
1) Increased productivity and efficiency
2) Better quality
3) Newer opportunities for customisation
4) Innovation.


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