Our services include:

• Management of Corporate Exhibition and Trade shows:

Virtual Solutions: We also focus on online conference Management and webinars.
Our services allows you to host presentations . this helps provides incentive for delegates that are
not able to attend the event onsite.

• Virtual Solutions:

We also focus on online conference Management and webinars.  Our services allows you to host presentations .this helps provides incentive for delegates that are not able to attend the event onsite.

• Program development and speaker management:

our program development team with top in industry and experienced speakers provide meaningful engaging discussions around case studies, Managing Q&A effectively and delivering impactful webinars, summits and conferences. Our event includes a mix of sessions on different topics, or sessions targeted at different skill levels, and topics most relevant to the attendees

• Professional Development Training and Certification:

We have a team of experts that train company employees, we also partner with several institutions for professional development training and workshops

Einstein stressed that lifelong learning should be a focus because personal growth stops where there’s no learning. The eight key capabilities leaders need to handle today’s complex business landscape include acting strategically, managing complexity, and promoting employee engagement. Lack of important skills in leaders and managers can be disastrous for companies.
On the other hand, by training their managers or hiring talented managers, companies can increase their earnings per share by 147% than their competition, a study by Gallup establishes. So we at Eventactic have an extensive training and certification programme, we believe that with Eventactic you’re sure to learn an improve continuously

• Speaker contracting & fulfillment:

Your business needs impactful, clear and competent Speaker for your event. We help you reach out the best in industry speakers, who will come out with topics connected to the real world limitations, challenges and opportunities faced by attendees and businesses. We have strong, dynamic speakers who will motivate, inspire the audience.

• Sponsorship sales and support:

Get the confidence, perspective, and techniques you need to jump-start your sponsorship strategy today with us, our staff is strategic with exceptional skills and experience in critical processes for sponsorship

• Event branding and marketing:

our effective event branding and marketing campaign is focused to identify the target audience correctly and create an experience that remains in participants’ memories. By finding an opportunity to interact with the right demographic of people – both current customers and prospective buyers – we will build favorable impressions and long-lasting relationships. The best, most creative events create interactions that not only reflect positively on the brand at the time, but generate a buzz long after the event is over.

• Event communications and promotion:


• Print production and management

Our dependable knowledge of the printing process, stock and material and suppliers, means that we can help you ensure your production job is of the highest quality, with fast turnaround. Allowing us to handle it also saves your business time, money, and the hassle of having to manage it yourself. You get the best when you get it from us.

• Social event planning : Corporate hangouts and Parties

Corporate hangouts and Parties, we have the most seasoned Social event planning, our event planning is both engaging, unique. We are the ideal choice when you are looking for customized consultation, planning, and execution services.

• Event production and promotion

Different venues have different audio/visual equipment; our production managers can oversee the organizational process from start to finish ensuring a successful event. Our staff will coordinate with all of the various suppliers, the creative & technical teams, and the venue staff. We guide our clients by providing experienced, technical expertise and knowledge of venues and local specialty vendors. When all the graphic elements have a consistent, unified visual treatment, your content will resonate with your event and organization’s vision.

• Facility and hotel management

Corporate events are great ways to enhance your corporate brand. Take advantage of the opportunity! Our facility management includes Meeting Planning and Food & Beverage, Concierge, Audio Visual, and Multi Media and Technology support and much more.

• Post-event evaluation

Post-event evaluation reports consistently rank at the top of sponsor lists in terms of the most valuable property-provided services. A growing number of properties are increasing the frequency of recap reports to keep sponsors updated on the relationship. Our post-event evaluation will help your business to understand and record the best practices for future successful events.


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